Results Tables 2015 -2016

 Competition Results Tables 2015 to 2016

Total Aggregate points from

29/10/15  , 19/11/15 , 10/12/15 , 21/01/2016 , 10/03/2016, AND 31/03/2016



open Competition 10/03/2016

Division 1 – Prints

1st    “Into the Mist” by Elizabeth Restall ARPS
2nd  “Next stop USA” by Matt Revel
3rd   “Puffin with Sand Eels” by Brad Collett
HC   “Scarista Beach Isle of Harris” by Elizabeth Restall ARPS
C      “Hare on Watch” by Mike Smith
C      “Jay” by Brad Collett
C      “St Michaels Mount High Tide” by Gloria Pritchard
C      “South Bank” by Bill Beere

Division 2 -Prints

1st    “Burnham Lighthouse No.2” by David Gamm
2nd  “Tenby” by David Bishop
3rd   “Old Jack” by David Arkwell
HC   “On the hob: Old kettles” by Elizabeth Oakley
C      “Storm Warning” by David Bishop
C      “Squirrel Proof Feeder” by Marjory Wright