President report 2016 / 20017 Season

report 2016 2017 season



This, being my first year in office as President, has proved to be a year with a steep learning curve, which would have been impossible without the help of Christine, Brian and Malcolm to guide me.

This year we have had a change to the print competition, meaning that we now have one Division instead of two, because print numbers had fallen. We also asked the judges to give marks out of 20 for each image, while still giving 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Malcolm is standing down as the Honorary Secretary. He became the club secretary in 1991, so he has been doing the job for 25 years, which is a very long time for one person to hold the position. In that time he has attended many A.G.M.s, written the minutes of all the committee meetings and helped a great number of |Presidents with advice about procedures. I wish to thank him on behalf of the club for all his hard work.

Thank you, George, for all your hard work last season as Treasurer, keeping the accounts up to date, and also for chasing me for my weekly subs. George will continue as Treasurer next season.

We had a good programme this year, with many interesting speakers, and I thank Brian Wetton for all the hard work he puts into getting a varied selection each month. He already has a full programme for next season, which I am sure will be just as interesting as this season, so well done Brian.

Next season we will have two people looking after the competitions. Bill Beere will continue to book the judges and liaise with them and he will also be organizing the prints. Steve Daniell will be looking after the PDI’s and operating the digital projector and laptop. I wish to thank Bill for all the help he has given me during this season when there has been a lot to sort out.

Russell is unable to continue as Programme Secretary next year for personal reasons and Brian will take over Russell’s duties. Thank you, Brian, for taking it on.

Christine did a great job doing publicity, writing a report every week for the website as well as the Gazette, but had problems getting the reports published by the Gazette. Christine will become our new Secretary next season, so I wish her well. I am sure that she will do a good job.

Christine Ryske will be taking over as publicity officer next season and I’m sure Christine Wetton will help her in any way she can.

Claire, as our social secretary, organized an interesting evening at Bristol Docks. 10 members attended and all managed to get some good images. Claire also arranged the yearly Dinner at The Malt House when over 20 members came. It was a good evening, so thank you, Claire. We still have a day trip to look forward to in August and hopefully two evenings at a local farm.

Barry is not only our webmaster, but also our sound man every week, for which we are all grateful. Barry would like more members to send in their images to the website so we can keep in touch during the summer months. Thank you, Barry.

My next big thanks go to Edwin, who every year collects all the information for the Handbook, writes it up and prints it. This is quite a job and we are very grateful for all the work you do.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mike for doing the tea rota and for all the support he has given me.

Thanks to all the members of the club for their support and sometimes much-needed advice in my first year as President. It is our members that make this club a success.

Your president Gloria Pritchard