Hello Members
The next stage of planning for our Exhibition is collecting in all the prints we will need. As I have said before, we hope that all print-producing members will submit at least one print, even if they don’t normally enter print competitions, so that everyone can be included.
We are going to need around 200 prints altogether, the majority of which should be mounted either 20 X 16 inches or 500 X 400 mm, either landscape or portrait format, to go on our special hanging display. Other size mounts will be fine, and these can be shown on our own display boards.
If we receive more than 200 prints, it might not be possible to include them all, and the final selection will be made by members of the Committee on Monday 6th June.  So please can you deliver all the prints you would like to submit, any time in the next few weeks, and at latest by Sunday 5th June, to one of the three drop-off points below. They need to be chosen from your last three years work (i.e. not used in our last exhibition). By the way, we already have the prints that were entered into the Print of the Year Competition, so don’t panic if you can’t find some of yours!
As in our previous exhibitions, no member will be able to have more than 20 of their prints displayed, and the number you choose to submit should depend to a certain extent on your success in club competitions. 
Drop-off points:
Brian & Christine Wetton, 5 Ewelme Close, Dursley, GL11 4NE Tel: 01453 543485
Mike & Gloria Pritchard, 10 May Evans Close, Cam, GL11 5UX Tel: 01453 544885
Jenny Fryer, 8 Spark Hill, Cam, GL11 5UN Tel: 01453 542536
Please note that some of these people might be away for part of the time, or be at work, so please phone before you set off.
I am attaching the poster, flyers and invitations which were available at the last meeting, in case any of you would like to print some off for your own use.
The next stage will be asking you to let me know which of you can help prepare for and set up the exhibition, and act as stewards on the days we are open.
If there is anything that you are unclear about, do get in touch.



Well, I’ve made it through three seasons and this will be my final report as your President.

First of all I want to say what a privilege it has been to lead the club during the last three years and I am very grateful for the opportunity to do so. All that has been achieved is largely due to having such a good committee and I would like to thank them all for working so well together and for all they have done to contribute to the well-being of the club.

There have been one or two changes to the Committee since this time last year –

Jenny Fryer became Publicity Secretary, a role she has found very frustrating, as much of what she sent to The Gazette didn’t get published.

Gloria Pritchard became Social Secretary and has been organising meals, raffles, outings and our club holiday with great efficiency. Added to this, she always makes sure that the weekly tea rota is running smoothly, which is a great help to me.

George Ryske became Treasurer and stepped well into this role, meeting and greeting members and visitors as they arrive for our meetings, balancing the books and keeping our finances on track.

We also had a change of Webmaster and Barry Wilson has embraced his new job with enthusiasm and made several improvements to the website. He does this in addition to being the keeper and operator of our PA System.

I hope you will agree with me that we have had another good programme this season, with some very interesting speakers, and our Programme Planning Secretary, Brian Wetton puts in a lot of time and effort into arranging the programme.

Russell Davies has continued to be our Programme Secretary, despite having a very busy time at home and work with a new baby and house to completely renovate. He doesn’t always get to our meetings, but he writes to all our speakers before and after their visits, and takes part in our Committee meetings.

Another very important job in the club is that of Competition & Battle Secretary, a role which would be very daunting to me, and Bill Beere has continued to do an excellent job month by month, not only sorting out competition entries and liaising with the judges, but engaging the judges in the first place, then updating the results tables for Barry to put on the website. On the few occasions he has been unable to attend competition nights, Elizabeth Restall has kindly stepped in to work the laptop and record the results, so thank you also to Elizabeth.

Edwin continues to edit and print our excellent club handbook, although I know it is a job he would be happy to relinquish in the future. So we will have to start thinking of finding someone else, but in the meantime we are extremely grateful to you, Edwin.

The last club officer to mention is Malcolm, who has been our Secretary for more years than most of us can remember. He has said that the coming season will be his last, so this time next year we will need to appoint a new secretary. In the meantime Malcolm will continue to guide us and be the voice of experience on procedural matters in the club.

So, what of the year since my last report? We had decided not to have a holiday away in 2015, but we had an evening visit to Richard Cornock’s Dairy Farm in Tytherington and a coach trip to Wells & Shaftsbury during the summer. Our 2015/16 season has been an interesting one, during which we have been pleased to welcome several new members, although inevitably we have lost some of our older members who for various reasons feel they can no longer turn out on wintry evenings. We have enjoyed talks from some very competent & inspiring photographers, competition nights, a battle with N.W. Bristol, two social evenings with food & drink, a New Year meal, a visit by us to Gloucester Camera Club and a visit to us from Tetbury.

One thing that I am particularly pleased about is the updating of our club equipment – the new digital projector and laptop and the pull-down screen which has made life so much easier on club nights. These were sourced and purchased on our behalf by Bill and Brian and I think you will agree that we get excellent results from them. In addition, Bill has been inspired to design and construct a new illuminated box for showing prints and we are now using this on competition nights, so thank you again for that, Bill.

So as I come to the end of my term as President, I am thankful that the club is still in good shape as I hand over to my successor. We still have our final night of the season next week and then planning for our Exhibition will begin – it is only eight weeks away! We also have our club holiday to Belgium and three day trips to look forward to before the next season begins.

So thank you, finally, to you all, for supporting me over the past three years and making this such a great club to belong to.

Christine Wetton

2016 Annual General Meeting Agenda

A reminder that this year’s AGM is on 21st April at 7.30 pm, followed by contributions from David Arkwell and Susan Ealey, which couldn’t be included in the last Members’ Evening because of various complications.

Click to down load . AGM Agenda 2016

Tyndale Photography Club

3rd Annual General Meeting

Date: 21st April 2016

Venue: North Nibley Village Hall, North Nibley

Time: 7.30pm


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the 2nd Annual General Meeting
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. President’s Report
  6. Election of Officers



Programme Planning Secretary

Programme Secretary

Competition and Battle

Publicity Secretary

  1. Competition Issues

Numbers in Division 1 Print and PDIs Section 2016/17

Competitions 2017/18

PDIs – Food and/or Drink

Prints – Trees

Folio Five – Open

  1. AGM Closes.

2015 AGM Minutes



Click to Download Word Doc  AGM 2015 minutes
Click to Download PDF  AGM 2015 minutes

TYNDALE PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB (formerly Cam & Dursley Camera Club)

Minutes of the 2nd (67th) Annual General Meeting

Held on 23rd April 2015 at the North Nibley Village Hall

Present. President Christine Wetton and 23 members.

The meeting opened at 7.32 pm.

  1. Apologies.

Diana Baker, David and Joy King, Mike Smith, George Ryske, Russell Davis, Andrew Freeman

  1. Minutes.

The minutes of the 1st (66th) AGM had been circulated in advance and were taken as read.

It was proposed by Mike Pritchard, seconded Edwin Nuttall that the minutes be accepted as a true record.

Passed unanimously.

  1. Matters Arising.


  1. Treasurer’s Report.

The statement of accounts forms part of these minutes.

Stuart noted that subscriptions were down; 14 members had not re-joined and we had gained seven of which four were completely new members. Judges fees were about the same as last year but speakers fees were up. Miscellaneous fees showed an increase with £30 for a model session and the club had contributed £150 to cost of the new chairs in the hall. The payment for the Photoshop course had somewhat distorted the reported excess of income over expenditure. There is a net surplus of £117.

It was proposed by Stuart Bliss, seconded by Brian Wetton that the accounts be accepted.

Passed unanimously.

Stuart reported that we are meeting our operating costs and that consequently the committee were not proposing any change in subscriptions for the coming season. However, he did note that the club is likely to have to make serious capital expenditure in the near future for a new laptop and projector, and he wondered whether we might be able to approach the lottery again for funding.

  1. President’s Report.

I am now two-thirds of the way through my three year term as President, and the past year has been just as enjoyable as the first!

I would like to start by thanking the Committee for the way they have worked together to make sure that the Club has run smoothly and completed another successful season. Most of them were in post from the year before, but we have had two additions – Russell Davies who became our Programme Secretary and Elizabeth Oakley who took over from Gloria as Publicity Secretary at the start of the season.

I would like to mention one or two highlights of the past year:

In May we held the second of our Instructional Days run by Brian Swinyard at Breakheart Quarry, on using Photoshop Elements. As there were a few spare places we were joined by four members of Thornbury Camera Club.

Early in June we had an evening visit to Oldbury Pill followed by a get-together at The Anchor in Oldbury. It was a beautiful sunny evening and those members attending made the most of the photographic opportunities. When we got to The Anchor there was the surprise of being joined by Jenny & Brian.

Later in June ten of us travelled with Lochs & Glens for a 6 day holiday based at Loch Tummell. Visits were made to Perth & Scone Palace, Cairngorm Mountain, Aviemore, Pitlochry and Balmoral, giving plenty of opportunity for photography.

Other Social events during the summer were the Skittles Evening in July and the Applegates Coach Trip to Tenby in August.

By the time this took place, plans for the coming season were well underway and Edwin was busy editing and printing the Club Handbook. Here I would like to thank Edwin for the efficient, cheerful and conscientious way he produces the Handbooks for us. He has done this for many years and I know that he would welcome help or suggestions for the next one.

A few of us were privileged to be invited to Brian Fryers 80th Birthday Celebrations in September, which this time last year he hadn’t expected to reach. Shortly after that he was admitted to hospital and died a few days later. It was a mark of the respect and affection felt for Brian within the club that so many of our members attended his Service of Thanksgiving at Coaley Church.

Once the new club season got underway we were pleased to welcome some new members, although we also lost a few of our older members. In the New Year we enjoyed our Annual Dinner at The Malt House, Berkeley, attended by many of our members and their ‘other halves’. I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to Jenny at this point. She has been arranging our Social Events, Days out and Holidays for many years and, understandably, feels it is time for a change. I am pleased to say that Gloria has agreed to take on this role now that she is no longer looking after Publicity, so thank you, Jenny and Gloria. Gloria already looks after the Refreshment Rota and has done a very good job in ensuring that it runs smoothly each week.

It was decided not to have a holiday this year, but we already have two day trips by coach arranged and two by car – an evening Farm Walk at Tytherington with Richard Cornock and a visit to Sezincote Open Gardens.

I hope you will agree that we have had some very interesting speakers this past season, and thanks must go to Brian for finding them. Only I know how much time and effort he puts into this!

Once the season has finished you can keep up to date with planned events by looking on the club website. Allan Durn was largely responsible for setting this up and has been maintaining it and keeping it up to date for us for a few years now, but because of other commitments he now feels it is time to hand the job over to someone else. Thanks to Allan for all the time and effort he has put in. After asking for a volunteer, Barry Wilson has said he will take this on, so thank you also to him. I would also like to thank Barry for looking after the PA System and operating it at our club meetings. He gets on with it quietly and without a fuss, but it is very much appreciated by me, as I would get in such a muddle if I had to twiddle the knobs myself!

We will also be having some changes to the Committee next season, as Stuart Bliss and Elizabeth Oakley have both expressed a wish to relinquish their roles. Stuart has been Treasurer for two years and has kept the books in an exemplary manner, as you would expect from an ex-Bank Inspector! So thank you to Stuart and Elizabeth for your time on the Committee and to Stuart for being here week by week to collect the money and pay our speakers and judges.

My main concern now is to fill our ‘Situations Vacant’ – namely President-elect, and Publicity Secretary. Although President-elect is on the agenda under Election of Officers, it doesn’t have to be settled tonight, but by this time next year we will be needing someone to take over as President. More urgently, we do need a new Publicity Secretary (or two people to share the job) to keep our activities known to those who read The Gazette. Even if The Gazette are reluctant to print weekly reports, they can be sent to Barry to be put onto the website.

And now a few more thankyous – to our Print-Stand and Screen team (Jeremy, Brad and Mike), who move things around when needed on Competition Nights, thus relieving Committee Members of yet another job, and all those of you who have provided us with drinks and biscuits each week.

So that’s it – my report finished for another year, except to say thank you to you all for making this such a friendly and welcoming club!

  1. Election of Officers

The following members were elected to serve for the coming year.

President: Christine Wetton

Secretary: Malcolm Wootton

Treasurer: George Ryske

Programme Planning Secretary: Brian Wetton

Programme Secretary: Russell Davis

Competition and Battle Secretary: Bill Beere

Publicity Secretary: Jenny Fryer

  1. Competition Issues.

Division 1 Prints and PDI Competitions

Division 1 print competitions will have 11 members and PDI competitions will have 13 members each for the season 2015/16.

Competitions 2016/17

PDIs – Creative.

Prints – Umbrellas

These subjects will apply to both Division 1 and 2.

Folio Five – open.

The AGM closed at 8.15pm.

The next Annual General Meeting will be held on 21st April 2016.

Signed as a true record.

_____________________________________ ___________________________________

Post AGM Meeting

Big Bertha

Lionel Jones raised the issue of the future of the club’s original projector (Big Bertha). Various alternatives were suggested, including exhibiting in the Dursley Heritage Centre, approaching Clifton Cameras and offering it to the Stroud Museum.

Miscellaneous Queries to the Committee

A number of questions had been submitted to the committee by a member about aspects of how the club was run. The committee felt that these should be exposed to the membership along with its responses.

Why was the length season so short? This was dictated by the lighter evenings.

Did we need to meet weekly? This was important to maintain interest and continuity.

Couldn’t we have café style evenings without any set programme and just sit around and look at each other’s pictures? It was considered that the first evening did this and without a defined programme we would lose continuity over the season.

Availability of competition results. These are available on the website.

Why can’t we upload digital images for competitions rather than have to submit them via a memory stick? This had been tried and had been found to make life more difficult and time consuming,

The number of competitions used to decide the PDI championships should be increased to include the landscape and Folio Five competition. To give an overall winner for all competitions. There was some discussion about this and it was decided that this needed to go back to the committee for further consideration along with possible alternatives, including maintaining the status quo.

Club Holiday 2016

After establishing that there was sufficient interest for a club holiday in 2016, Gloria offered several alternative destinations for consideration. By a majority, Bruges was decided on and Gloria agreed to investigate dates and prices.